Greencastle High School is a one-to-one school meaning that all students are given an electronic device for use throughout the school year. (See Technology Guidance Policy document for more information.) Students access their curriculum through Canvas, an online learning management system. Teachers utilize district approved curriculum guidance documents to guide their teaching of the Indiana Academic Standards for all subject areas using open resources.

A variety of Advance Placement courses are available to students including: Calculus, US History, European History, Government, English Literature & Composition, Biology, Drawing, and 2-D Art Design.

The GHS World Language department offers basic and advanced French, Spanish and Latin. 


Greencastle students receive the benefit of attending Area 30 Career Center courses during their school day due to the close proximity of the campus. Area 30 offers juniors and seniors a career education in a variety of fields including Law Enforcement, Engineering & Architecture, Nursing, Graphic Design, Welding, Culinary Arts, Computer Science, and many more. Check out this link for more info on the Area 30 Career Center’s Program List.


Greencastle students can also take part in DePauw University’s Alpha program which allows students to enroll and attend DePauw courses during the school day. Students must complete the application process, and if accepted, will have the opportunity to attend and complete a course at DePauw University for $200. Participants have the option to enroll in a variety of 100-200 level courses (pending prerequisites).


Students have the opportunity to receive Indiana University credit through IU  Dual credit courses. Currently, students can receive 5 IU college credits in Chemistry (and Lab) and 3 credits in English Composition. Students could potentially graduate from high school having already earned 8 Indiana University credits. The cost of a course is $25 per credit, an extreme discount for credits from Indiana University. 


Indiana’s new path for graduation consists of 3 tracks. Students now have more options for graduating in the state of Indiana. Within each pathway, a student must meet the necessary requirements.  

Pathway #1-High School Diploma (General diploma, Core 40, Academic Honors, Technical Honors)

Pathway # 2- Employability Skills  

A student following this pathway can attain graduation through work-based or or project based learning (Area 30, after school job, community service, school extra-curricular, service to your community or school, etc.). 

Pathway # 3- Post-secondary Readiness 

In order for a student to complete this pathway, they must satisfy one of the requirements out of the following: Receive a passing score (benchmarks) on either the ACT, SAT, or ASVAB. Students may also show post-secondary readiness by receiving an industry certificate, completing an apprenticeship, completing a CTE Concentrator, fulfilling a career cluster through Area 30, or receiving dual or AP credits.