Bus Rules

Riding A Greencastle Community School Bus is a Privilege !!

TRANSPORTATION – 765-653-6840

Bus service is available to all students in the corporation who live outside short walking distance to the building. 

Parents should check with the transportation department for walking areas.

Contact the supervisor of transportation for specific bus routes and numbers which apply to your home.

Parents and students should familiarize themselves with the following school bus rules and regulations. 

Students who do not follow directions of the bus driver will/may lose their riding privilege.

Bus Rules

 1. Observe the same conduct as in the classroom.

 2. Be courteous; use no profane language.

 3. Do not eat or drink on the bus.

 4. Keep the bus clean.

 5. Cooperate with the driver.

 6. Do not smoke.

 7. Do not be destructive.

 8. Stay in your seat.

 9. Keep head, hands and feet inside the bus.

10. Accept the bus driver's authority to assign seats.
A major incident can cause the removal of a student on the first offense.  The following are defined as major incidents (but not limited to) and could result upon first occurrence in exclusion from the bus by the principal:  use of illegal drugs, use of alcohol or tobacco, destruction of property, displaying a weapon in a threatening manner, occupying the bus in a manner which deprives its proper use to others, starting a fire, fighting, disrespect to the driver, other incidents which in the judgment of the Bus Driver/Supervisor/Principal are of major consequence to be disruptive to the safe operation of the bus.

Parents THANK YOU for support in this very important safety issue

 When you obey the rules:
1.  You keep the privilege of riding the bus.
2.  It is a safer ride for everyone.

When you disobey the rules:
1.  You could cause an accident.
2.  You could be denied the use of the school bus to get to and from school.