Why eLearning?

We participate in eLearning Day each year to give students a unique opportunity to engage lessons. It’s a day of school outside the classroom. 

With the popularity of digital testing (iLearn/SAT), electronic homework in college, and technology transforming the 21st century workforce, we believe it is our responsibility to help prepare students for the problem-solving, critical thinking, and tech skills they will need for their future careers.

The Indiana Department of Education (IDOE) recommends offering eLearning on snow days so students won’t miss a day of school or go later into the summer. This year, we would like to use October 3rd as a practice snow day to determine if a future weather-related eLearning Day is optimal for our area. Please note, for this reason (and due to lack of participation on previous eLearning Days), school labs and lunch service will be unavailable. 

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