About Us


The Greencastle Community School Corporation serves the pupils of the City of Greencastle, Greencastle Township and Madison Township.  It provides public education from kindergarten through the twelfth grade.  The Board of School Trustees of the Greencastle Community School Corporation administers the schools as a unit.  The board consists of five members of whom the City Council appoints two, the Greencastle Township Trustee and Advisory Board appoint two, and Madison Township Trustee and Advisory Board appoint one.

The budget for Greencastle Schools for 2014 includes a general fund of $12,572,000, debt service fund of $3,428,249, capital projects fund of $2,257,138, and transportation fund of $826,372.  Local taxes provide about 30% of our revenue, state support nearly 70%, and federal taxes account for less than 1% of the total school budget.

The Greencastle Schools have 312 staff members including 130 teachers, 12 administrators and 170 classified employees.  These qualified staff serve around 1,998 students. 

Deer Meadow/Ridpath Primary Schools – Greencastle Community Schools have two primary buildings to serve our students in Kindergarten through Grade Two.  In addition, Deer Meadow also has a developmental Pre-school.  Deer Meadow Primary is our newest building that opened at the end of October 2001.  Ridpath Primary underwent extensive renovation in 2001 and reopened in January 2002.  The Primary Teachers have received intensive training in the Primary Literacy Framework from Purdue University. Students receive differentiated literacy instruction that is research-based and data-driven.  We are committed to involving families in our schools and to work as a team to help students reach their full potential.

Tzouanakis Intermediate – Tzouanakis Intermediate (TZ)  is forever moving forward.  TZ building (former Northeast Elementary) was built in 1964 and underwent a full-scale renovation in 1990. Tzouanakis Intermediate School was established in 1991 with Susan O’Brien as the school’s first principal.  The school’s name was chosen to honor former long time Northeast principal, Mike Tzouanakis.   Students had previously attended Ridpath, Jones,  and Northeast Elementaries.   Tzouanakis serves approximately 450 students in grades 3 through 5.  The Tzouanakis faculty and staff have targeted  verbal and written communication skills, computation and problem solving skills as areas for school improvement.  Tzouanakis uses the NWEA MAP tests to track student growth in addition to other standardized tests. Tzouanakis faculty provides   students with a complete range of services including P.E., art, music, speech therapy, counseling, media activities, ESL instruction, response to instruction, and special education support.  Tzouanakis also offers a wide-range of extra curricular (after-school) opportunities for students.   

Middle School –Greencastle Middle School was opened for the 1988-89 school year and underwent additional construction for expansion for the 2001-2002 school year.  Total enrollment for grades 6, 7, and 8 is about 460 students. Faculty members participate in Professional Learning Communities (PLC)  three Monday mornings per month. Teachers are organized by department and work to create formative assessments and to make student learning action plans together from the results. Related Arts teachers meet with their district level course-alike colleagues twice per month to conduct the same function. Each grade level has six core classes daily and two Related Arts periods.  The Related Arts classes are at least a semester long (music is year-long) and vary in offerings at each grade level.  The advisory period (REACH) is at the start of the day and this time includes Silent Sustained Reading (SSR) and character education OLWEUS.

High School – The high school campus consists of two buildings:  the classroom building and the sports complex.  Greencastle High School (GHS) has approximately 600 students in grades 9-12, and is an IHSAA Class 3A school.  The high school offers 1:1 technology for students as well as many academic choices including numerous advanced placement courses, honors classes, three foreign languages, large science facilities, and varied math offerings.  Every classroom has an LCD projector and half are equipped with smartboards.  Teachers and students are well-trained in the use of technology in education.  Students can earn college credit through DePauw University’s ALPHA program, attend school at night, retrieve lost credits through the credit recovery program, attend school at the alternative school using  the PLATO on-line courses or receive dual high school/college credit through the neighboring IVY Tech University. A variety of programs for special needs students can help them transition to the Comprehensive Services agency in the community.  The high school has many fine arts programs, a 4,230 seat gymnasium as well as a 25 yard pool and a 750 seat auditorium.  Juniors and seniors may attend Area 30 Career Center that has an extensive list of programs that teach practical skills to young people.  The extracurricular activity program includes over 20 interscholastic sports and many school sponsored clubs. 

Greencastle Community Schools:

¨ District Accreditation by AdvancED

¨ Comprehensive Education Program

         pre-K-Grade 12

¨ 1:1 Technology in Grades 6-12

¨ Centralized Libraries in all Elementary Schools

¨ Guidance and Counseling Services K-12

¨ Drug-free Education Program K-12

¨ Special Education Services

¨ Title I Remedial Program-Reading


¨ High Ability Programming Grades 1-12

¨ Vocational Education at Secondary Level

¨ Academic Testing Program in all Schools




¨ Three Year Technology Plan with full-time Technology Directory and Technician

¨ Special Teachers in Elementary Grades for Art, Music, and Physical Education

¨ After-School Intramural Programs Grades

        3-12, Saturday Intramurals

¨ Youth Basketball Program on Saturday for Grades 1-6

¨ Vision, Hearing, and Dental Screening

¨ Speech Therapy

¨ High School Athletic Programs, Varsity Sports, Music Programs-Band and Choir

¨ Advanced Placement Classes at the High Schools

¨ Foreign Language Program in Spanish, French, and Latin

¨ Alpha Program with Depauw University for High School Students